Saturday, February 4, 2012

4th Annual IGDA Global Game Jam: Affiliations

During the month of January there has been a bit of a lull in our production schedule for Tumbleweed Express as the team prepared to take part in the 4th Annual IGDA Global Game Jam. The Global Game Jam, as we know it today, started in 2009 and brought together 1650 participants whom created 370 games in 53 different global locations. Since then the number of participants, sites, and games produced has nearly doubled with each and every year. Our team traveled to the George Mason University Site in Virginia, which was chosen by our IGDA Chapter, to participate. This year's theme was:

Ouroboros Snake: Go!

In the spirit of the event, our team divided up to work with other jammers and is affiliated with the following titles:

Pandora's Blocks

Bo Banducci and IGDA DC member Nathan Maton, along with their very excellent team members created a Minecraft and Go inspired turn-based game. Their approach was extremely interesting in that they were able to practice iterative design, construct a paper prototype, and evolve their game through play testing in under 48 hours. Their title won the Audience's Choice Award and was a runner up for the Judge's Choice Award. Check this game out at:

Pandora's Blocks Title Screen


Sam Levine, Mike Willis, IGDA DC members Zaal Tonia and "Evil" Dan, and the rest of their team went after the "Eyes Wide Shut" diversifier and created a game without any graphics. The story is based on the classic Greek mythology of Orpheus' journey to and from the underworld to bring back his dead wife, Eurydice. As a complement to the awesome job they did in design and execution, their game took second place in the Audiance's Choice Award. Check this game out at:

Through The Hoop

David To and IGDA DC  member George Dounkov, along with their team of George Mason students were able to create a physics puzzle game that won the Judge's Choice Award! The game played on the cyclic nature of the event theme and masked it by using simulated objects and airflows to get a basketball "through the hoop". Check this game out at:

Through The Hoop: Level 1

Susie's Summer Home

Matthew Mauriello assisted in the development of a psychological puzzle game featuring a young girl trapped in a maze like house. The team was composed of students from George Mason and IGDA members: Taro Omiya, Josh Bock, Chris Totten, and David Newcomb. The title earned third place in Audience's Choice Award. Check this game out at:

Susie & The Monster Door

Snake Escape

David Weiss, Jacob Clayman and Andy Varshin joined up with a George Mason student programmer to create a traditional survival sprinting game with an ouroboros twist. The game features the music of Kevin MacLeod. Check this game out at:

Snake Escape Title Screen

Ultimately the 2012 Global Game Jam was a huge success! We were very glad to have this opportunity to network and develop projects with our local gaming community. We're really anxious to get back to working on Tumbleweed Express and our next jam session is scheduled for later this month. Special thanks to George Mason University, Trey Reyher, and the IGDA for this very awesome event. See you next year at Global Game Jam 2013!

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