Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Dirigiballers are Going Full Steam Ahead!

The team is still hard at work making improvements to the game on all fronts. More updates will be coming soon, but for now heres what our awesome art team has been working on:

First, those crafty Dirigibles have a new "Dirigibomb" in their arsenal in an effort to squash that pesky train from meeting its destination:

Don't worry though, the train has also had some improvements, getting a tougher look and different compartments on the sides for marshals to help protect the cargo:

It will still be tough travelling the Badlands with all sorts of new challenges in front of the Tumbleweed Express, including a new heavily guarded draw bridge.

We are continuing to add new content every week, including new shootable props and environmental upgrades:

The Dirigiballers are still doing full steam ahead! Stay tuned for updates from the Code and Design teams. They are also working on some awesome stuff that'll take this game to a whole new level! :D

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