Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Jam Session

Team Dirigiballers has been spent the better part of the last month working on the design document for Tumbleweed Express. Our deadline to *complete the document was last night, which we were able to do. The entire team has been contributing to fleshing out the design and it really is nice to make the deadline for the first major milestone. As many of us our students and many of us our traveling for the holiday season, we are pretty excited to be having our second major production jam session this weekend. This evening we will be outlining what we hope to accomplish this weekend on what is a fairly ambitious indie project. With a little luck we will complete all our initial goals by Sunday before we all go our separate ways for the rest of the month. We may or may not be able to post over the weekend, but definitely look forward to a postmortem of the event sometime on Monday.

*A design document, in our view, is really a "living" document. While we have finished the majority of it, there are a few sections that we have intentionally left empty and of course things are likely to get edited along the way as production moves forward. We're primarily using the document as a method of controlling scope and keeping us focused as we are a team composed of disjoint members separated by distance, scheduling conflicts, and everything else that makes life interesting.

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