Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enlist Today!

The Tumbleweed Express team, the Dirigiballers, is proud to be celebrating the one year anniversary of the project. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings and we are very excited to be working on our first full game demo for exhibition at MAGFest 2013. Following the exhibition we will be looking to add a few new team members to work with us over the following year to bring the game closer to release. We are looking for one or two energetic and passionate people with the right skills and the willingness to commit (on average) one weekend a month to the project.

We use Unity3D, it would be great if you have used it or have at least heard of it! If you’re a programmer, we’re looking for familiarity with C# and using versioning software. If you’re an artist, we’re looking for familiarity with Adobe/Autodesk products or similarly neat open source tools. Level designers, people with production experience, and even people just interested in providing administrative assistance to the team are all welcome to get in touch with us. You are invited to send a resume, a great letter expressing your interest, a link to your portfolio, or just about anything else you can think of that expresses why you would be a great addition to the team. You don’t have to have professional experience, just passion – but hey, if you’re a pro or an indie and you want join us, great! We’re not saying you need to be familiar with SCRUM, but perhaps having some game jam experience would be helpful – it’s completely analogous to our primary mode of development and what a weekend with the Dirigiballers is like.

You might ask, what are we paying our team members? All we can promise in terms of compensation at the moment is: good times with good people, the occasional beer from your fellow team members, a credit on the project, an invitation to all Dirigiballer events, and the promise of sharing any future gains from the project with you proportionate to the time you invest. If you have the passion to give us one weekend a month to help with the development of Tumbleweed Express over the next year or so, then zip of your files and send them to: with the subject line “Tumbleweed Express Application”. For consideration, please have your material to us before January 15th and be ready to start jamming in February (if you are selected). Thanks for reading and rock on!


  1. I'm game. I have some free time here and there. Spent the last few months working in ZBrush.

    Let me know where I can help.

  2. We're asking everyone to send in an email "application"; looking forward to seeing yours!