Sunday, January 13, 2013

MAGFest: Most Discussed

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Playtesters at MAGFest played 196 games of Tumbleweed Express and generated 259 unique items that include: feedback, feature requests, bugs, and user experience issues. After cataloging these issues, here is the top 20 items:
  1. Add Radar; could be a purchasable option (14)
  2. Boss fight needs more indicators relating where to shoot; and more colliders (8)
  3. Destructable Spawners (8)
  4. Mouse Sentivity needs to be adjustable (7)
  5. Iterate on design of battle men; it's a little confusing (6)
  6. Weapon switching is slow and cumbersome (5)
  7. Put on Steam; with achievements (4)
  8. Drillcars are very aggressive (4)
  9. Track switching; and destination control (4)
  10. Multiplayer and/or co-op  (4)
  11. Assignments for crew via the shop is not intuitive (3)
  12. Chain gun feature with or without Cool down rate, spin up rate (3)
  13. SoundFX make hearing voiceovers very difficult (3)
  14. Drillcar Jim's health stays on the screen after abandoning the town (3)
  15. Switch weapons via number keys; not everyone has or likes mouse wheel (3)
  16. Train cars (Cannons?) are inaccurate (3)
  17. Not obvious why the train stops when the engine is dying (3)
  18. Add Minimap (3)
  19. Make prices and cash more noticeable (3)
  20. Consider doing a train on train battle of the line style level/encounter (3)
Feel free to leave questions, comments, or feedback in general in the comments section below.

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