Thursday, November 10, 2011

November DC Game Development & Gaming Events

IGDA DC November Meeting - Fall Game Jam Postmortem
November 17 (Thursday),

The Dirigiballers will be showing off the results of the 2011 DC Fall Game Jam at the next chapter meeting. The first prototype of the "Tumbleweed Express" was developed in Unity over 48 hours. This month's meeting provides an opportunity for the team to demo it to anyone interested while also explaining how the event went. The team will provide an overview of the design, the process, the lessons learned, and provide insight into game development jams in general. The event will take place at Bravo! Bravo! and there should be plenty of time for fantastic discussions and in-person demos of other projects people would like to bring in.

Being the good community citizens that we are, we would also like to mention these other events going on in the DC area this month:
November 11 (Fri)
Everyone should be aware of this exciting project by now, those who might have forgotten should be reminded that this outdoor/"street" Gameday is still on and should be a great time.  Six games will be available in two sessions, starting at 9:30am and 1:00pm.

Gamification Perspectives
November 11 (Fri),

Another part of DCWeek that might be of interest to is this Gamification panel held at a Deloitte office.

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