Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This blog is being setup for the purposes of charting the development of the "Tumbleweed Express" project, which is a product of the 2011 Fall Game Jam that was hosted by the DC Chapter of the International Game Developers Association. The team name, "Dirigiballers", comes from the usage of dirigibles as the first antagonists to be designed and tested in the game.

Tumbleweed Express is a "Travel Defense" game in which the player controls a Steam-Engine Train that travels along the countryside utilizing mounted weaponry to fight off attacking enemies. The setting is "Western Steampunk", and the style and assets reflect that theme. Enemies include steam-powered blimps, with gear-controlled propellers, as well as burrowing Drillcars (two-wheeled vehicles with a large drills mounted on the front of them).

The Facebook page for the DC Chapter of the IGDA can be found here:

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